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The history of Versailles Palace

The village of Nuvashireluwa is close to the Marley forest, which is commanding, overlooking the entire Plains of Saint-Cyr. At the end of an alley in the village of Nuwaxy Leroy, you can see an ancient gate. Although the door is shabby, but still maintained a proud gesture. Today, the semi-circular arches, two strong doors closed, the door at the top of the triangular lintels covered with lichen and moss, despite the vicissitudes of hundreds of years, arches decorative objects on the top of the stone is still bright colors. Most people in the past think this is the gate to the Marley Forest, but the locals call it "Palazzo Vecchio."

This ancient palace gate was indeed the only remains of Noixi Palace in the 16th century, a magnificent palace built by Albert de Gondi (Marshal de Reres). As Versailles Palace was not yet built, Novaci Palace became the country's most majestic palace. Standing on the open ground of Nuwaxiluluwa material to the left can be vaguely see the forest stands a windmill, we call it "stone mill", and later the magnificent palace of Louis Xivian is built in this place Up After the death of Marshal Deresis, Novak's Palace was passed on to his sons, but his sons had never lived in it, but their older sister, Margaret de Meneth, The period has lived there. She seems to be in the middle of the ocean because the palaces are huge and the annexes extend far. Surprisingly, it is surprising to understand that at present, apart from leaving the main entrance to the courthouse from the front yard, the entire grand building disappears. Even a stone, a section of embankment or a foundation buried in earth can be seen Not enough. Although there is nothing beautiful in some places, it can arouse people's thoughts and convey the nostalgia of old times. Noissi is such a place.

The gates of Novaci Palace have witnessed some historical celebrities entering and leaving beneath it: the Conti family, the Comte family and all the "Forlund" elements. The beautiful Marquise de Rékeville had conspired to plan and a large group of her lovers followed, including a Marquis de La Roche-Foucault, who wrote a Book of Moral Scriptures, He predicted that he would become an authentic Taoist, but he was most loved by Mrs. Drlonkweir and became "lucky", which was amazing. Henry IV also walked through the gate with a very brisk pace, and at the gate was very pleased to see the son who had obeyed his will to Novaci. The Prince (who later unhappy Louis XIII) lived in Novacizi became a historic landmark in many of the rumors of the palace's abundance. Fortunately, the young prince physician Horo made a record, so that we have a detailed understanding of this matter. In 1607 August, when the royal family lived in Saint-Germain. It is said there was an old man who had just died of a plague. Henry IV, the beloved father, was afraid of his son being infected, so that all his children would set off quickly to Noosy. You know, in that distant age, the government is not rich, the king also lacked many things. Henry IV wrote to Sully: "Because there is no carriage, carriage and cart carrying Lee, send the children away, play as soon as possible to try to get the means of transport, so that children leave as soon as possible ... ..." So The people, in disarray, put Prince Louis and his brothers and sisters (both legal and illegitimate, raising children together and from our point of view today a scandal) cart.

At that time, the prince was only six years old, a clever and wayward child. His wife, Mrs. de Montana, was stiff and haughty, so she did not feel intimidated. On the day scheduled for departure on August 17, Prince Edward was so excited in the morning that he could not rest quietly. He was very interested in getting ready for the work or even packing himself up for luggage. Departed at 5 pm, the Crown Prince sing non-stop along the way. The journey is not long, arrived at Noisy West at half past six. Just arrived at the destination, the Prince wanted nothing to see, running up and down throughout the palace. At nine o'clock, people serve him and go to bed. The day after dawning the second day, he ran into the garden, and among the many novelties in the garden, he was most amazed by a cave made of shells ... and so the prince played every day. Somebody gave him a bird-shredded shrike, and he jumped with pleasure, and immediately he needed a glove-clad glove, boarded the high hall, and shuffled his shrimps to catch the sparrows. He thought of wilderness to catch the bird, let people take him to the distant stone mill. There, when he saw Shrike shoved the little goose, he felt the greatest joy of his life. It is probably from the memory of the childhood memories that Louis XIII came to the idea of ​​building a hunting pavilion in this place. By the time of his successor, Louis XIV, the hunting palaces expanded into magnificent Versailles Palace.

On September 5, Henry IV visited his son in Nuwaxi, where the prince approached him at the front gate (now so broken). The king is to go hunting in Vilple, the prince cries to go with the father, without permission, the king prodigal crying, to others whipped to beat his brother out of gas ... ... at that time, whipping Is widely advocated as an educational method, Henry IV that this method is not used enough often, he wrote to Mrs. de Montana letter said: "You Ru life, when my son is stubborn, Whispered the responsibility of the whistle .Guard deep in today's world, the only whip the most effective; Guaren such as the Queen of the Year, has been subject to whipping ... ... "The court women teachers do not need to be told, she will take turns alternately whip. When the situation is serious, discipline is done in front of the gardener's house. Although naughty Prince suffered suffer, nor take warnings. He wandered around the garden every day or danced to the girls on the platform, humming some vulgar songs for them. Sometimes he also attended the guards who held the ball in the hall of the palace. His teacher, who loved art, taught his violin and mandala, also taught him painting, so future King Louis XIII penned a portrait of Mrs de Menei, owner of Nohasir Palace, with a pencil. Lady de Menez on the face wearing a unique Medicis-style collared collar, a collar around the neck like a light wheel, making her even more shrugs. This picture, drawn on November 28, 1607, is in the Diary of the Physiotherapist in Aeropar and is now on hand at the National Library manuscript handicraft room. After the drawing was completed, after five days, Prince returned to Saint-Germain. He liked to be Noisy this place from time to time, when he became king, often come here to play.

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Explore the manger "ghost

One evening, the sky filled with dark clouds and saw a heavy rain coming. Li Qiao Bao in the Sarin landscape management area to see this scene, hurried down the hill. But in the moment he walked into the valley, a sudden noisy noise came to her ears.

Staff: the kind of chain, iron sound like, rattled.

The scene in the short film was not a fictional episode, it really did exist. This is a strange natural phenomenon that takes place in the famous Sarin scenic area of ​​Luliang County, Yunnan Province, China. From the late 1980s, residents living in the vicinity of Sarin scenic areas often heard voices of clashing horses and neighing horses appearing in similar short films in a deep valley, The phenomenon is called Yin Bing crossing. The emergence of strange sound, people were in the area uproar. But nowadays, no one can say what it is all about. The villagers said that all this was related to a war of 1800 years ago.

In the last years of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang led the army southward until Luliang in order to pacify the south ethnic rebels. One day, the Shu Army and the South Army fought at Mars war. Nan Man Wang Meng was specifically invited to deep spell of the eight-dong cave main wood deer king came to help out. Wooden deer king who came to war horse slope, his men and women dug two long and less than 40 meters long, less than one meter wide mountain road, and Shu Jun lead to this. After hum hum ringing, the Haw Par, wolves, birds and animals out of the wind. Shu forces without resistance, back into the valley. But at this time, an accident happened. Shu suddenly surprised horse suddenly fall, the South took the opportunity to kill, Shu army killed and wounded. Since then, there is always dark clouds.

This hidden in the jungle of the valley, was the king of wood deer sent to dig that people call it horrified. Now it is the only way for the villagers to go up and down the mountain.

Interview with villagers: Most dare to come, sometimes in the evening, is a big gang of people to talk over, a man would not come.

Interview Guide: When we pick up the wood, we must kowtow to the bottom, thanks to worship, to be able to bless you from here smoothly through.

Strange things have not subsided, another strange phenomenon appeared in the manger again.

Interview the villagers: it will be scared of horses here, not dare to kill you, it is all. It has to go around here.

Even the horse did not dare to go into astonishment, the villagers were even more scared. Because they are worried that there will be other things happening next.

Interview Guide: We use the magnet to stimulate it, you can hear the sound, the sound of the horse panic.

Sure enough, we could hear strange noises in the late afternoon or late at night, and we could hear it during the day. Strange phenomena ensued, an ordinary mountain road becomes more and more mysterious. People have rumors, horrified robbery. The news soon spread from the local, but also attracted the attention of some experts.

Xu Hao-ming is a researcher at the Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration. From the 1980s onward, it has entered the field of earthquake prediction research. During this period, he noticed many wonderful phenomena in nature, including the "haunted" incident.

Interview with Xu Haoming, Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration: Wherever it happened, it did not happen once. It continued to have this phenomenon. It appeared under certain conditions. Therefore, I judged that in the rock or the soil,

The air can not be maintained for such a long time hong kong hotel price.

In this sense, the strange sound the villagers hear is most likely the voice of the war 1800 years ago. Is it surprising marijuana recording function?

The human voice record began in 1877 when scientist Edison invented the gramophone. This recording method is to transform the sound into the vibration of the metal needle, and then burn the waveform on the tinfoil. When the metal needle is once again along the track after the record movement, you can play back the remaining voice.

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Logitech Circle 2 is a great surveillance system, but for a price

Accessible home monitoring should be more than just being able to buy a security camera. It means having a packaged software experience, where you should be able to link cameras over a secure cloud connection while mounting them on walls, glass or the outdoors Dating Service.

Because we live in the age of connected devices, being able to interface with Alexa and HomeKit software should not only be a bonus but a given. Luckily for you, the Circle 2 does all of it.

The only nagging requirement is setting aside a personal surveillance budget, but otherwise the Circle 2 is a great monitoring device boutique hotel hongkong.

Now you can spy… or catch the package thief


If you wanted to catch a thief at the door before they run away with your package — I may be projecting here, but it happens — then a single Circle 2 is great for that. However, if your goal is to catch a break-in, you would at least need a camera at the entrance and another in the living room or kitchen, with accessories to match.

A speaker/microphone duo exists in the camera, allowing you to communicate briefly with whomever you see via the Logi Circle iOS/Android app. It functions as a push-to-talk feature within the app or a signed-in desktop.


Video quality is solid, outputting up to 1080p HD video with a 180-degree wide-angle lens. Though maybe not as impressive, the automatic night vision has visibility up to 15 feet and lets me see moving objects, not including a stray cat international student exchange programs.

Regarding software, there’s a neat feature that lets you avoid sitting and watching a whole day’s worth of footage to find something of interest. Within the Logi Circle app you can scroll through time, every two to six minutes or so, or have it compressed into a “day brief.”

The next time someone says they knocked on your door, you can hold them (or yourself) accountable thanks to the app.

Getting more out of the Circle 2… requires more money


So, you have your first Circle 2 camera, which is great! Now, what if you’d like to say, mount it to a glass panel, mount it outdoors or, better yet, make it wireless and keep it anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection? You’re going to need accessories — a lot of them.


The window mount ($39), battery pack ($49) and outdoor mount ($29) are just a few offerings from Logitech that extend the Circle 2’s functionality. If you buy three cameras, plus the mentioned accessories for a two-bedroom apartment, your total comes out to $657 (excluding taxes).

But wait, there’s more! Circle Safe, the service Logitech built with AES 256-bit dual-layer encryption, only enables person detection and motion zone awareness (say you wanted to monitor movement at a front door) with a premium subscription plan. This service costs $10/month or $99 /year, per camera. For comparison’s sake, Canary’s connected cameras cost $10/month to run, but supports three cameras as a start.

Assuming you went with the monthly plan, that’s $30 to maintain three cameras, every month. It’s true, the Circle 2 platform works well and has great software, but keeping the show running can be pricey.

Thankfully, if you’re going for the wireless Circle 2 ($199), it comes bundled with the $49 battery pack, so you do save a little on accessories there. It’s something to be mindful of.

2017年7月27日 (木)

Used car market cruises ahead as limitations lifted

The used car sector is speeding along the fast lane in China, as hurdles that affect its development are disappearing one by one, according to industry insiders.

Statistics from the China Automobile Dealers Association show that just under 1 million used cars were sold in May, a 19 percent increase year-on-year rent handbags.

The performance brought overall car sales in the first five months to 4.8 million vehicles, up 20.7 percent from the same period last year.

The CADA expects the growth rate to hover around 20 percent, with sales to reach 12 million vehicles this year. China saw 10.39 million used cars sold last year, a 10.41 percent growth year-on-year.

Shen Jinjun, president of the CADA, said one driving force behind this growth is favorable policies.

"By the end of February, local authorities in 135 cities had removed trade barriers on used cars and the results are starting to show," said Shen at the 2017 China Used Car Assembly held in Wuhan, Hubei province.

A survey by Youxin, an online car dealer, shows that over 60 percent of potential buyers in smaller cities would like to choose cars outside their cities because of the limited choice available at home Tin Hau Temple.

Shen said the lack of information transparency, for which the used car sector was notorious, is also improving hair loss.

"I once recommended my friends to buy used cars but they would not because they could not get real information about the cars' conditions."

Now things are different, said Shen. Starting from 2015, his organization has been promoting used car certification by third parties to change the situation.

"Credibility is the most important factor for the used car sector to see sustainable development," said Shen.

Many brick-and-mortar markets and internet companies are making their own efforts too.

The Shanghai Used Car Trade Center is home to about 100 car dealers. To attract customers, the center has introduced its own quality system with the help of third-party quality assessment organizations.

"Each day, the cars are examined before they are admitted into the center and the information is made public on our website," said Cai Zhongmin, general manager of the center, adding that some 2,000 used cars are displayed online.

Youxin is doing a similar job but on a much larger scale. Dai Kun, CEO of the internet company, said it is verifying information about some 300,000 used cars a month.

The rise of car evaluation companies is helping customers to know whether used cars are fairly priced, due largely to their vast amounts of data.

Just typing some parameters-including the vehicle's marque, model, age and place of registration-into apps such as Che300, will provide a ballpark price. The website now receives about 3 million visits a day.

Xu Wei, CEO of Che300, said he is planning to offer a function that will help visitors to find what cars they need by asking them several questions.

"The main function of big data is the ability to find out what you want based on information you provide."

Luo Lei, deputy secretary-general of the CADA, said the market itself is becoming more mature.

He said China has 200 million cars on its roads, which means abundant supplies. He added that on average passenger cars in the country are four and half years old, which happens to fall into the age range of most popular used cars in China: three to six years.

Quoting PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates, Luo said used car sales are expected to hit 20 million vehicles in 2020, doubling the 2016 level.

Luo said the market potential has attracted some 1,500 participants in this year's China Used Car Assembly, almost double the number of people at the 2015 event.

Xiao Zhengsan, the CADA's secretary-general, believes that the booming used car sector can also help to stimulate new car sales, which have been slowing down in the Chinese market, as people will be able to buy new cars after they sell their used ones.

Statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show that passenger car sales totaled 9.42 million in the first five months of the year, edging up 1.5 percent year-on-year.

2017年7月13日 (木)

Red tourism brings golden opportunities in China and Russia

A tour bus travels along a winding road on the outskirts of Moscow. Onboard, a group of Chinese tourists, all in their 50s and 60s, sing along to Moscow Nights, a tune produced during the former Soviet Union. Nostalgia is in almo nature.

This is a "red tour" organized by a travel agency in Central China's Hunan province, home of Mao Zedong (1893-1976), according to Shu Liangliang, the tour guide.

Shu has been a tour guide for more than three years, taking Chinese visitors to iconic sites in Moscow such as Lenin's Mausoleum, the Kremlin, and Red Square.

"Most of my tourists are senior citizens who experienced the 'honeymoon phase' between China and the Soviet Union," Shu said LPG M6.

Red tours-those taking visitors to the sites of early communist activities-are booming in China and Russia, as the two governments have signed agreements to boost such activities in recent years.

Shu vividly remembers one of his tourists reciting a Mao speech at the University of Moscow, where Mao originally gave the speech. "He had memorized every word," Shu recalled.

In 2015, 22 tourism agencies from China and Russia agreed to conduct red tours during a tourism exchange program held in Shaoshan, birthplace of Mao Zedong. As direct flight routes continue to open and disposable income increases, more and more such tours have hit the road.

In 2015, for example, 4,497 people from Hunan visited Russia on red tours. In 2016, the number rose 72.27 percent year-on-year to 7,747 Sensodyne

More than 1,000 people from Yan'an, a "red city" in northwestern China's Shaanxi province, began driving in a convey to Russia recently as part of a red tour. A similar caravan of vehicles left from Changsha, capital of Hunan province.

To cater to rising demand, Russia's tourism authorities have launched a series of "red-themed" tourism products specially designed for Chinese tourists. In St. Petersburg, known as Petrograd from 1914 to 1924, the local government touts products associated with the Soviet Union to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, with itineraries imparting history about "Chinese Comrades in Red Petrograd" and the "February Revolution in Petrograd".

Meanwhile, China's red tourism sites, where its early communist activities began, are drawing a large number of Russian tourists, particularly Hunan, hometown of Chinese revolutionary figures such as Mao, Liu Shaoqi (1898-1969), and Peng Dehuai (1898-1974), which currently has 140 red tourist sites.

Shaoshan, Mao's birthplace, is particularly popular with foreign tourists, said Wen Benhui, deputy head of the local tourism development commission.

"As the top tourism destination in Hunan, Shaoshan is becoming a driving force behind Hunan's red tourism," Wen said.

2017年6月29日 (木)

PwC launches excellence center

Attracted by China's booming startups and investment environment, accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers on Tuesday opened a China Centre of Excellence in Shenzhen, Guangdong province SmarTone Care.

The 1,100-square-meter center located in Qianhai special zone, part of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone, will serve as the headquarters of its innovation cluster. PwC has planned another two excellence centers in Shanghai and Beijing.

Elton Yeung, strategy and innovation service leader of PwC Greater China, said the office in Shenzhen is PwC's first innovation center in the world. This reflects China's supportive policies for entrepreneurship and innovation, and the market potential that approach brings, he said.

PwC has developed specific financial and management services for early-stage and rapidly growing startups in China. Yeung said a suitable international business model is a more immediate priority for early startups, rather than seeking traditional accounting and taxation services saliva testing.

Liu Guohong, director of the finance and modern industry research center at Shenzhen-based think tank China Development Institute, said such internationalism is an important part of the upgrade of China's mass entrepreneurship and innovation. He said the trend will attract further international professional service providers.

These international organizations need to occupy the market in advance, to be prepared to pick up business from upcoming initial public offerings and mergers and acquisition activity, as the startup and investment environment becomes more intense in the future, Liu said.

In addition, the burgeoning venture capital and equity investment sector is another opportunity PwC has said it values. The company provides project evaluation for foreign organizations to invest in China and for Chinese overseas investment.

Zhou Kang, a 31-year-old entrepreneur in Shenzhen, was recently faced with such challenges Cantonese opera.

His startup, Czur Tech Co Ltd, invented an intelligent scanner that is 20 times faster than a traditional one. He told China Daily he has relatively stable customers in China, such as courts and libraries, and landed on an international crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, on which he raised more than $756,000 last year.

2017年6月 8日 (木)

Building love in Lisbon

Amour and architecture infuse Portugal's capital with passion. Erik Nilsson explores the romanticism conjured by the cityscape that's in turn conjured by romanticism.

Lisbon is for lovers BBA scholarship.

Of each other. And of cityscapes.

It truly is a romantic place-in every sense.

Its aesthetic appeals equally to cuddly couples and architecture aficionados.

Lonely Planet recommends it as the "perfect Valentine's date", in no small part because the legacy of Europe's second-oldest capital is shaped by the antiquated structures that straddle cobblestone lanes, engendering a vintage vitality.

The edifices that conjure this charm hike up the hills that hug the Tagus River that tickles the city's south. The knolls are snarled with flagstone streets that unravel from their peaks.

But perhaps the most striking feature of Lisbon's landscape is that its edifices are sheathed with miles of tiles that radiate colorful geometric patterns flamboyant enough to make a peacock blush. These testify to the area's Moorish legacy, although are sometimes tweaked to portray images rather than just configurations of shapes, as realistic depictions were banned under the Islamic empire dermes.

Indeed, the passion Portugal's capital constructs isn't limited to buildings designed during the period when the romantic movement was most adored in the country.

It's a polyamory of neo-gothic, neo-Moorish, neo-baroque, neo-classical, art-deco, art-nouveau and generically medieval structures. They bestride flagstone streets along which century-old trams rattle, adding percussion to the city's romantic soundtrack.

Melody is underwritten by melancholy fado, a haunting folk genre performed by caped musicians that floats through ancient alleyways, bouncing off buildings like the anthems of gloomy ghosts. They're actually ballads of love.

Another cheek-kiss for kissy-face romantics-this charming miscellanea of buildings breaks against an ocean shore like the waves that, in the other direction, explode into aerosol against coastline cliffs.

Marinas bob with boats and a connect-the-dots of lighthouses trace the coastline. Palm fronds greet visitors with waves animated by sea breezes. Pinball games of seafowl play out in sapphire skies, punctuated with pearly clouds that project flashing apparitions of themselves on the roiling ocean the pavilia bay.

The Castle of the Moors indeed defends its position among Lisbon's most ancient and esoteric constructions.

2017年5月11日 (木)

Lakeside hotels suffer to protect ecology

Hundreds of restaurants and guesthouses around a well-known lake in Yunnan province have suspended business for the construction of a project to protect the ecological environment Neo Skin Lab.

Most venues close to Erhai Lake, a popular tourism spot in Yunnan's Dali Bai autonomous prefecture, posted notices about the suspension of their services, after the prefectural government announced on March 31 that a pollutant-interception project would be constructed, according to a China Daily reporter who visited the area.

The decision to suspend businesses was made as the rapid development of the local economy, including the development of its tourism industry - which has brought large numbers of tourists to the lakeside - has imposed great pressure on the environmental carrying capacity. Local authorities said measures must be taken to curb the exacerbation of the issue.

The project was initially due to be completed in December 2018, but the first stage of the project is now expected to be finished ahead of schedule and come into service by the end of the year, with a sewage processing capacity of 5,000 cubic meters a day, authorities said.

Many business owners around the lake expressed their understanding of the policy, saying that a clean and beautiful Erhai Lake will guarantee the prosperity of Dali and of their own lives.

However, they also said they face practical problems, such as how to make a living during the suspension.

A local resident and founder of a guesthouse close to the lake, surnamed Zhao, started his venture after he graduated from college in 2014.

He said that many tourists had booked stays at his guesthouse before the policy was issued, so he now has to contact the 189 bookings to explain to them one by one that they have to cancel their stay because of the suspension.

The owner of another guesthouse near the lake, surnamed Shi, said he didn't know what to do apart from wait to see what happens.

"Numerous people running a business like mine have lost their sources of income. Some had borrowed money to start their businesses and now have to worry about paying debts without having an income," he said.

Zhang Yong, deputy Party chief of Dali, said the prefecture is drafting a series of regulations on running guesthouses near the lake, with possible clauses such as valid licenses being required, and guesthouses having their own sewage treatment facilities and meeting discharging standards set by environmental authorities.

The regulations are expected to be released before the construction of the project is completed, Zhang said Company Secretary Hong Kong.

Li Xinyi in Dali contributed to this story.

2017年4月26日 (水)

Chinese-style origins give vitality to domestic animation

China never lacks access to quality animation productions. The difficulty lies in how to translate them successfully and adapt them into the market, but young Chinese animation creators are on the move. Zhang Xingjian reports.

From the Disney-made blockbuster Zootopia to the recent Shinkai-style animation feature Your Name, it is common to see one or two animations arouse a heated discussion among viewers every year, and 2016 was no exception.

These hit animations may shape several vivid characters, have fascinating animation effects or boast an interesting yet rigorous storyline. However, they are seldom made in China. But that trend could be in the past.

At the beginning of 2017, a nine-minute short animation titled Love Sick engulfed the internet. Since its initial release on December 23, the animation has already reached 100 million hits within ten days on Chinese social media platforms, including Vmovie.com, MiaoPai.com and Bilibili.

In addition to its enormous popularity online, Love Sick has been critically acclaimed widely among movie-goers. It has scored a high grade of 8.8 points on Douban Movie, the Chinese version of IMDb. Reputed by quite a few netizens as the first touching animation in 2017 to bring you to tears, Love Sick has swept a wave of Chinoiserie for domestic animation productions Office Furniture.

Originating from Love Pea, a renowned poem written by Wang Wei, as the creation inspiration, overall Love Sick tells a sentimental love story between a notable figure from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) called Wang Chutong and his childhood sweetheart Liu Niang. In the animation, they fall in love with each other but Liu Niang's family forces her to marry a wealthy man, resulting in a failed marriage. After many ups and downs, Wang and Liu meet again and decide to take care of each other in the future as a brother-and-sister relationship, not as lovers.

2017年4月12日 (水)

Post-pop stars

Indie songwriters and performers are grabbing their share of attention and sales as the internet opens up the music scene. Chen Nan reports Dream beauty pro hard sell.

This time last year, Zhao Lei was a relatively unknown indie folk singer-songwriter. His trademark contemporary style, minyao in Chinese, literally meaning folk music or ballads, captivated a small but stable fan base in China with its guitar-driven gentle melodies and poetic lyrics.

Then something unexpected happened.

In early February, he performed on the popular variety show Singer, broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV, in which veteran Chinese singers compete and audiences vote. Dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans, the 30-year-old Zhao performed one of his songs, Chengdu, which relates his memories of the city.

His performance soon brought Zhao wide fame and acclaim. The number of followers on his Sina Weibo account increased by 50,000 overnight and some fans wrote on his Weibo that they wanted to visit Chengdu after listening to the song apartment hong kong.

"Everything took off a little bit faster than we had imagined," says Zhao. "I just performed a song on TV. I didn't want to become a superstar overnight."

Chengdu was released on Zhao's album Almost Grown Up, in October 2016. So far, the album has sold more than 200,000 copies.