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2016年11月 8日 (火)

The mother of the dead money

Japan's satirical star and director, Kitahara, recently won another international award for the film.

A few years ago his mother died, he returned to his hometown to mourning.

He has not like the mother, because she has been to the son of money, as long as he did not send money home a month, his mother called him shouted abuse, really called the death of money. And the North Wuyue famous, she asked for more money nuskin hk.

After returning home, he could not help crying.

Think he has been outside, did not properly support the mother, although the mother is dead money, he still felt ill-treated mother.

After finishing the funeral, Kitahara was about to leave the house when his brother to a small burden to him: This is my mother told me to give you.

Kitahara Wu carefully opened a small baggage, see a book and a letter, the deposit is opened in his name, the amount of deposits up to tens of millions of yen.

The mother wrote:

Wu children, among these children, I am most worried about is you.

You grew up do not like to study, but also spend money, too generous to friends.

When you say to go to Tokyo hard, I am very worried that you will become a abjection of the pauper.

So every month I send you money from home without interruption, on the one hand can stimulate you to make more money, on the other hand, in order to save for you.
You give me the money, I did not spend a hair, your big brother a me to get a good, your money is your money, and now take it to take advantage of it!

After reading the letter nuskin, Kitahara Wu cry down to the ground, stand up for a long time ...

Wang Yongqing once said a word:

You earn a dollar, not your one dollar; you save a dollar, is your one dollar, save it, it is possible to change your life.

Now the economic climate is getting worse, the world has entered the era of two low and one high low growth, low interest rates, high inflation; do not underestimate the money you spend readily: a cup of coffee, a pack of cigarettes, a dress.

If you have not save money around a friend, told him the story of the former Pak-wu, you may become the honored person in his life nu skin!