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2016年12月 1日 (木)

Heart pain, who will know!

Heartache, because loved, because hurt. Because once had. When I look back, once we worth it? Some people say it is worth, because at least once had. But after the loss of possession, how painful ifco deco.

There may have been so a person said to you, "We will be good, we will be a lifetime of" Oh ... ... so maybe you have heard countless times. But in the end it is time and time again deceived, once the oath has long been forgotten, and we believe that the light also innocently. Think we are not too naive.

Real life, real people. Sometimes you will not feel every day in such a boring life does not make sense. We are often covered with fatigue, every day there may be so one thing in mind. Over time. Really tired. Tired of breath fully furnished.

Everyone should have a lot of desire. Want to cry when someone comforted, someone to accompany. When tired, some people rely on. But just this little bit of desire are not. Some can only be cold lonely lonely.

Sometimes really is often not wishful, God also love to tease people. Have to let you heartache after, will let you experience true love.

Heartache, I know how painful. Sad, just know how uncomfortable.

Pain and more uncomfortable, our pain can tell who can only when a person secretly hiding in the corner crying hong kong company registrar.