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2016年12月14日 (水)

In each other's heart


Red patchwork, Mo on the lonely alienation. Suddenly spin a curtain wind, provocative autumn facial features, disturbing the two leaves of dependency ... ...


Autumn fall in abundance, when the color monotonous only a fragrant condensate, you still love me as the beginning of the painting when the blooming? Unfinished song, not the top of the mountain, with regret, like a Incomplete melody. Story quietly ended, do not want to tangle the past, or even no memories.

Although the outcome is not perfect, but want to heart easy road. Goes on thin paper that affectionate like the sea, perhaps the word is too heavy, heavy to the can not be sent. Love day, sunrise and sunset feel beautiful. Parting of that moment, feel the autumn wind in trembling, perhaps I am too easily sad it. At this moment in the clouds through the memory, as long as you can see a pair of eyes looked up. Love, dawn, and let me say to you: good night ... ...

No courage to gamble again, can not sew the story of the outcome, I choose to stand side by side with you. An inch of distance, never close, never alienated. You red into the Prajna, has been listening to wind and rain. I am weak and withered, no sunset. This is accompanied by four eyes relatively silent, in fact, still in the fall, but anxious mind. Dong Han Zha Xian, the situation has long gone, even the memories are less gentle. Temperature and low a point, in fact, want to leave you in the lips 45 ° warm, for the rest of your life to do the most dream of immortal.

Listening to the old melody, that genre is still the heart has been safe as ink. No longer boiling, a piece of cold, at the moment everything is still. Not even missing the shadow, empty, like the barren city. If the heart clean, Wannian Jiexiao. Yanzi has gone, just like this late autumn night silent. Do not want to carve text, let it show the face of the most pure bar. Naked pens, franklin marshall, frankly empty heart. Nothing to do, that is, these four words, really did not ask.

Tonight no wind, the moon also hid from the whereabouts. Static, really very quiet, you can hear your heartbeat. I do not know how long the grinding ink, the pen will Smart. Or will suddenly think of you in the scene, not cold, not barefoot play computer. Out, remember to wear warmhotel jobs in singapore!

Perhaps that one exhort, is the heart of the most soft pain, this life can not forget that shadow. I do not know at the moment where you will not remember me. The one with half a heart locked you, who will be trained in your dream enjoin? Past the wind, such as clouds transit, suddenly spin. Catch the last ray of this autumn, the soul of the soul, the wind to take along to you. Can planted in the corner of the heart, five square position. So long thoughts into the spring rain, every drop is like your words.

In each other's heart was separated, perhaps the fate is so shallow. Has been afraid, afraid of your shadow will not see, suddenly a gust of wind, the thin moments were blown away. Like a pearl holding in the hands of a day to see live, who knows Bliss a grass, despite how I pray, or ashes to eliminate dust margin consumption. Cook a cup of tea color tea, in the full moon when the sub-drink alone, then to the lips tears hobbled online advertising.

After all, is fragile, do not cry pain may be tolerated with deeper pain, can not express the bitter, no tears cry the most helpless.

Thoughts are chaotic, pen down do not know what to write. One do so, after years of shore. People non-Yesterday, End of the World has forgotten the right close. Will be separated in each other's heart, perhaps this is the end of the period. Love is very serious, was the heart of the soul wet, like half a pot of tobacco sand, can never fill. The most beautiful landscape of the return of solitude, messy footsteps fall in the dark Naheqiao. To the road, I can not find, even if the back I want to escape the mood, the heart has long been gone. Go, how can I still landscape still, clear the night without disturbance rent apartment Hong Kong.