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2016年12月29日 (木)

Please give me a love analgesic

Recently, many female friends have asked me how to get rid of love in the pain. Some of these pains are caused by boys, but more of the girls themselves. Sum up with the following aspects:

1, after a period of time in love, the boy is not as warm as before, the girl whom confused.

2, girls like a married man, through a period of contact, it is difficult to give up love, but they are not afraid of their true love.

3, the pain of different places of love. Because of the work of graduation, many college students work in different cities, the former romance can also maintain?

4, found his lover at the same time and a few girls in love, so very painful.

5, in love, the parents of girls and boys have a conflict, the girl caught in the middle very painful.

6, love for some time, the girl has been very emotional input, but suddenly found the boy's "fatal" shortcomings, the girl I do not know how to deal with their own love?

7, to find a boy of his favorite, has been in love for some time, but their parents do not agree, the girl is very sad.

8, because marriage needs to leave their parents, and therefore painful.

Perhaps the people over the pain that a piece of cake, but the WTO is not deep, the taste of love at first taste of women is very difficult to calmly face these. The following are some pain relief, hoping to reduce the pain of women in love.

First, there is no painful torture, people can not feel the sweet taste. Love is the same, only to defeat the love of the waves folded, lovers can understand how true love is hard to come by, will cherish each other's feelings. So in love during the painful thing is normal, need is to find a way to solve the problem, not in the problem of pain or even wandering.

2, love itself is a two-way selection process, as long as there is no time to get married, are likely to break up. So women in love when you have to break up at any time psychological preparation.

3, love is a gradual process, the two sides need to continue to understand and adapt to each other. Not too much into the early feelings, but not prematurely sexual behavior. A lot of girls because of premature sexual intercourse, in the discovery of the boy after a little unhappy will fall into pain. Always think they put a lot of the other side of their own and do not attach importance.

4, love itself is to discover each other's strengths rather than critical of each other's shortcomings. From contact with each other to love to love, is the process of mutual understanding. If you do not find each other's fatal shortcomings, generally do not be painful. People are always shortcomings. If you find a person what shortcomings are not, it is not your lover, it is God!

5, love is a matter of both men and women, parents can refer to the views, but the main determining factor is the emotional basis of love both sides. If the parents do not agree, do not need pain, the key is whether you love the boy, if love, you have the responsibility to do the ideological work of their parents, the pain can not solve any problems.

6, between lovers such as every day but not every other autumn, it is fully understandable. Close contact between lovers is also easy for both sides to understand each other, while the soul is close to each other. Off-site love can not say that without success, but off-site love for girls, especially older girls is dangerous. Because they can not together, on the one hand there is love of suffering, and now many elements of social temptation, the boy a great chance of change of heart, so would it not let the girls deserted the youth. Love people must come together, and now the community can find a job everywhere, a true love of the boy will definitely go to his beloved girl's side, and vice versa.

7, girls and married men fall in love is the most stupid thing. Not to mention the love of another woman caused by injury, that is, after love, the girl is injured. There is no prospect of love without affection and equal status, and it is full of pain. Married man is the biggest trap for girls love, do not sacrifice the body, lost the feelings, a waste of youth.