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2016年12月 7日 (水)

The Red Ribbon of the Earth

There is such a ribbon

Its color is bright red in China

There is such a ribbon

It is very long and very long

Its length is twenty-five thousand miles

It is draped in the motherland, the glory of the chest ribbon

It is the Red Ribbon flying on the earth


Who will it weave

Is three hundred thousand Chinese heroes and sons and daughters

They measured the length of their feet with their sandals bounce house rental

They drew the cannon with both hands and knitted its latitude and longitude

Twenty-five thousand miles of blood dyed its color

A road rafting canyon blew his fresh luster

It is in the thousands of years on the snow-capped mountains fluttering fluttering

It is flying in the vast grasslands


This is a red ribbon

Embroidered with a heroic epic

This Psalm

Very long and very long

Its length is twenty-five thousand miles

Anti-Japanese north is its poem

The density of gunfire is its flat

The sonorous pace is its rhythm

High and forward is its melody

A field fierce battle is its drawing cuboid mini 80w mod

Gutting the fire is its pride

Difficult hardship is a great day of sharpening

A seat male-off highlight the true nature of a hero

A frame of high mountain side was heroes of ambition

Qiao crossing the Jinsha River

Fly wins Luding Bridge

Sidu Chishui unpredictable

Man Road Loushanguan such as iron

Long knife split La Zikou

Liupanshan top singing winds

Long towering long tied blue dragon

Sun-day shooting bow Sirius

Great Wall Tengyue mountains and rivers

Red practice in the sky Hongxia fly dermes

Red silk dance


Mopping up the demons Qing Shenzhou

Five thousand years Hanguo Huan youth