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2017年3月 7日 (火)

Give him starlight

It was late at night when Jiang came back nuskin hk.
The big living room only had a floor lamp beside the sofa, the dim light at night seems surprisingly warm. In spring and summer in the sofa to read a magazine, page two brightly coloured hand still to be really big, is next to the eye-catching title, the budding actor actress love on a false thing becomes true cooperation.
This page is not over, he heard the sound of the porch came to open the door.
"Why did you come back so early? Did you have fun?" Jane stared at the book in spring and summer, and asked not to raise her head. A long time did not hear the answer, only a shadow, suddenly fell on her.
Jian Chunxia raised his head, two people in the line of sight collision, or very unpromising breath.
He had a good face, nose and thin lips, eyes especially good-looking, dark pupil, fundus quiet light, buried in the long lashes, look like without emotion, but more focused.
"You......" Too close, she could smell the wine on his body, "you drink?"
He always self-discipline, do not smoke, even if it is in the circle of the party, will take the juice. But tonight is special. It's his birthday party. The agent had asked her what she meant, and she refused to have a few friends to celebrate, but now it looks like he's not happy at all
"Uncomfortable?" She put down the book and began to rise......" Hangover medicine.
Without saying a word in a kiss nuskin hk.
He leaned over to kiss her, hot body will be an easy job to do her trapped in the bosom, the body soft sofa no force, her tiny side head, hot lips paused, spread to the neck, he lived with her cold soft earlobe, hot lips that she couldn't help but.
"You are too much." The deep voice is ringing in the ear, he raises head, the vision light passes through the magazine in her hand, just still stay in just looking at that page.
Jian Chunxia felt a little guilty, said: "just hype, hype."
"What's going on tonight?" Warm clothes into large palm along Home Furnishing, stroking the waist side sensitive, "and how did she find out where I am?"
When the scandal object into the box he would know who is out of the ghost, in spring and summer too obvious, not only oneself have an excuse not to, even the brokers are together hold, is to help him with another woman.
Thought of here, his eyes dim.
She is ticklish, dodge in his hands, did not forget to persuade him: "what's wrong with her, young and beautiful, people are smart, and you have a topic......"
"She's okay, it doesn't matter to me," he said, holding her up and walking towards the bedroom."
To the bed and Jane didn't know he was really angry, no matter how she ask for forgiveness, he did not let her meaning, stubborn terrible, in the end, he finally stopped, she sweating out in his arms, have my fingers are not going to move.
He was kissing her, gently kiss warmth was not, she tired eyelids straight fight, push him almost got. He whispered in her ear:"...... My birthday today."
"I know." She buried her head into his chest, whispered, "Happy birthday, kid."
This is the river Muhan twenty-one year old birthday, the distance they met, it has been four years service apartment hong kong.