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2017年8月17日 (木)

Explore the manger "ghost

One evening, the sky filled with dark clouds and saw a heavy rain coming. Li Qiao Bao in the Sarin landscape management area to see this scene, hurried down the hill. But in the moment he walked into the valley, a sudden noisy noise came to her ears.

Staff: the kind of chain, iron sound like, rattled.

The scene in the short film was not a fictional episode, it really did exist. This is a strange natural phenomenon that takes place in the famous Sarin scenic area of ​​Luliang County, Yunnan Province, China. From the late 1980s, residents living in the vicinity of Sarin scenic areas often heard voices of clashing horses and neighing horses appearing in similar short films in a deep valley, The phenomenon is called Yin Bing crossing. The emergence of strange sound, people were in the area uproar. But nowadays, no one can say what it is all about. The villagers said that all this was related to a war of 1800 years ago.

In the last years of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang led the army southward until Luliang in order to pacify the south ethnic rebels. One day, the Shu Army and the South Army fought at Mars war. Nan Man Wang Meng was specifically invited to deep spell of the eight-dong cave main wood deer king came to help out. Wooden deer king who came to war horse slope, his men and women dug two long and less than 40 meters long, less than one meter wide mountain road, and Shu Jun lead to this. After hum hum ringing, the Haw Par, wolves, birds and animals out of the wind. Shu forces without resistance, back into the valley. But at this time, an accident happened. Shu suddenly surprised horse suddenly fall, the South took the opportunity to kill, Shu army killed and wounded. Since then, there is always dark clouds.

This hidden in the jungle of the valley, was the king of wood deer sent to dig that people call it horrified. Now it is the only way for the villagers to go up and down the mountain.

Interview with villagers: Most dare to come, sometimes in the evening, is a big gang of people to talk over, a man would not come.

Interview Guide: When we pick up the wood, we must kowtow to the bottom, thanks to worship, to be able to bless you from here smoothly through.

Strange things have not subsided, another strange phenomenon appeared in the manger again.

Interview the villagers: it will be scared of horses here, not dare to kill you, it is all. It has to go around here.

Even the horse did not dare to go into astonishment, the villagers were even more scared. Because they are worried that there will be other things happening next.

Interview Guide: We use the magnet to stimulate it, you can hear the sound, the sound of the horse panic.

Sure enough, we could hear strange noises in the late afternoon or late at night, and we could hear it during the day. Strange phenomena ensued, an ordinary mountain road becomes more and more mysterious. People have rumors, horrified robbery. The news soon spread from the local, but also attracted the attention of some experts.

Xu Hao-ming is a researcher at the Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration. From the 1980s onward, it has entered the field of earthquake prediction research. During this period, he noticed many wonderful phenomena in nature, including the "haunted" incident.

Interview with Xu Haoming, Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration: Wherever it happened, it did not happen once. It continued to have this phenomenon. It appeared under certain conditions. Therefore, I judged that in the rock or the soil,

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In this sense, the strange sound the villagers hear is most likely the voice of the war 1800 years ago. Is it surprising marijuana recording function?

The human voice record began in 1877 when scientist Edison invented the gramophone. This recording method is to transform the sound into the vibration of the metal needle, and then burn the waveform on the tinfoil. When the metal needle is once again along the track after the record movement, you can play back the remaining voice.