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2017年11月29日 (水)

Be good to the legacy of the heritage

  "The cultural revival of every nation begins with a summary of its own heritage." Mr. Wu Liangyong, a famous architect and academician of the two academicians, once said this. Although the history of both the passing of night, but Qin Zhuanhan tile, poetry, or the bones of bamboo, houses murals, cultural heritage as a crystallization of wisdom, witnessed the history of Chinese culture, carrying the national culture memory, contains the national spirit gene.

  The data of the third national cultural relic survey showed that there were only more than 760 thousand removable cultural relics in the country. By the end of 2015, the State Council published 1372 national non - material cultural heritage projects. It can be said that these substances and intangible cultural heritage are the root and soul of Chinese culture. They tell us the direction of Chinese culture and will also illuminate the way for future.

  Deep roots can be one source far so long. For a long time, the heritage and protection of cultural heritage have been placed in an important position. We have made a lot of efforts and have achieved remarkable results. But we should also see that in the view of performance under the influence of deformity, some places emphasis on economic development of light heritage protection, demolition construction of genuine fakes, the protection of cultural heritage closed, simple, distraught fragmentation phenomenon is not uncommon. Once known as "the first East Station" the old train station in Ji'nan encounter demolitions tragedy, repeated in many places in different degrees.

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  To be good to the historical and cultural heritage, the continuation of the Chinese context is a period of time. The guardian yesterday, today is the savings of resources, is the future of hope lifts. The protection and rescue first, rational utilization, strengthening management, general office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council recently issued "on the implementation of the Chinese traditional culture inheritance and development project opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), reiterated the 16 character principle of cultural heritage protection. The Opinions also list one of the multi cultural heritage projects including dialect culture and traditional folk music, pointing out the direction for the next step to improve the protection layout of cultural relics.

  In order to do a good job of the protection of cultural heritage, it is necessary to answer the question of "who will protect". The protection of cultural heritage, the government is not dominant, and only reinforce the ideological foundation of "protect cultural relics is also a performance, to keep the history of awe, take into consideration the talents cultivation, the overall planning, good security of a chess game. The documentary "I repair cultural relics" in the Imperial Palace earlier hit, such a revelation to us: culture as a way of life, awakened the public cultural consciousness will inevitably converge to become a boundless power, promote the culture to stay alive.

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  If the cultural heritage is not kept, the "rational use" can not be discussed naturally, but if it is "protected", it is not alive even if it is left. Revitalize the industrial heritage of the Beijing 798 Art District, through the rational development of "activation" of the folk custom museum Huizhou Huang's case study, heritage protection and development and utilization are not contradictory, the key is to grasp the good balance between the two. The dialogue between history and modernity and the dialogue between the ancients and the present depends on the further emancipation of the mind and the path of innovation. But at the same time, "rational use" should also be based on deepening the reform of the management system, so as to avoid more literary remains to be reduced to "Tang Monk meat".

  Every time the excavation, protection and inheritance of cultural heritage are the pursuit and confirmation of self identity and cultural genes. In the continuation of the Chinese culture, we can achieve a cultural revival in the continuation of the Chinese culture.

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