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2018年3月16日 (金)

Love, also need to stay

  With the accelerated pace of economic and social development and urbanization in China, at present, there are more than 200 million migrant workers in urban and rural areas. The time wheel of the rolling forward is getting better and better. Let a small family drum up, but behind the hidden worries of the children's problems.

  A survey found that many left-behind children of parents with ambivalence, on the one hand, I hope parents can stay at home with their own, on the other hand, and fear of "working poor" reality; already parents of migrant workers is also so, on the one hand, want to borrow to make up for the occasion of home children lack of love, on the other hand, they dare not too close to the children, worried that they left abruptly will cause more damage to children......

  Family is the cell of society, and it is also the first class of life. For the left behind children, though they are separated from their parents, they should be dragged away from their families, but this does not prevent family from being important to them, and does not interfere with their parents' irreplaceable nature in their children. Since the child must not be left behind, how can love be left behind?

  Parents have the main responsibility in family education. To know, for most of the left behind old people, it is not easy to ensure the safety of the children's food and clothing, and the education is often difficult. Especially in the children's infancy and the problem of puberty, the parents need special care. Therefore, parents should have the sense of responsibility of family education, children will not lose to the elderly or boarding school. Thanks to the development of modern technology, now the phone, online chat, video chat at your fingertips, in days, parents should be as much as possible and increase the exchange of children, in addition to the usual attention to their studies, should be more concerned about the development of a child's heart, this is the responsibility of parents, but also a legal obligation required.

  The child left behind, the parents' love also needs to stay. Hope for parents, don't let children longing eyes, let your love reach at home; I hope children, can feel the love of parents in thousands of miles away from their parents never feel.