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2018年5月 4日 (金)

How to self-test sub-health through stairs

  Climbing stairs VS physical strength

  With five floors as the limit, people around the age of 30 can step up to two levels and can quickly climb to the five-story building. They are still relaxed and show that they are in good health; people aged 50 or younger should be able to climb to the top 5 On the first floor, there is no rest on the way, no handrails are used, and there is no obvious asthmatic phenomenon, indicating good health. Regardless of age, if you breathlessly and your heart beats faster, you will experience poorer physical strength. When you step on the 3rd floor, you will get tired and breathe again. This means that your body is weak and you should exercise more.

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  Breathing VS Lungs

  Although we constantly rely on the lungs to breathe, nothing can make people aware of the importance of the lungs more than the SARS raid. A breath-hold test can make you aware of whether your lungs are healthy. When swimming or bathing, take a deep breath first, then bury your head in the water, hold your breath, and then slowly spit it out to see how long it can last, of course, the longer the better. If it is more than 30 seconds, it means that your lungs are healthy; if you can reach 1 minute, your lungs will be very strong. A 20-year-old healthy person can even hold his breath for 90 to 120 seconds. He wants to improve the quality of the lungs. He can take a deep breath in a good air environment and actively cough, which can remove impurities deposited in the lungs.

  Waist-to-hip ratio vs obesity

  Women are most afraid of increasing their weight as they grow older, so they clamor for “weight loss and weight loss” every day. They do not know that the most terrible thing is not obesity, but the resulting cardiovascular disease.

  The World Health Organization uses waist-to-hip ratio to measure whether you are obese. When standing relaxed during measurement, the ratio of male waist circumference and hip circumference should be less than 0.8 and women should be less than 0.7. According to the standards recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine, when the female waist-to-hip ratio is greater than 0.85, there is a risk of cardiovascular disease. Attention should be paid to diet and exercise.

  How to self-test sub-health by climbing stairs How does sub-health self-test?

  鞠躬VS heart

  Before the test, sit for 5 minutes and measure the pulse rate per minute A; then the body is upright, the upper body slightly flexes forward, and then restores. In fact, it is the position of a squat, 20 consecutively (moderate frequency), measured pulse rate B; Take a rest for 1 minute and measure the pulse rate C again. Add three pulse rates, subtract 200 and divide by 10.

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  The result is between 0 and 3, indicating that the heart is strong; between 3 and 6, it shows that the heart is good; the state between 6 and 9 is normal; between 9 and 12, I am afraid that you should always pay attention to the heart problem. At 12 or more, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. People with weaker heart function can do more light aerobic exercise and pay attention to the adjustment of their mentality.

  Single leg VS body aging

  The subject's hands drooped naturally, clinging to the sides of the thigh, closing his eyes, standing with one foot, and watching the stopwatch. According to the time that one foot does not move independently, the aging degree is judged. The standard of measurement was: 9.9 seconds for males aged 30 to 39 years; 8.4 seconds for males aged 40 to 49 years; 7.4 seconds for males aged 50 to 59 years; and 5.8 seconds for males aged 60 to 69 years. Women are 10 years older than men. The longer the standing time, the slower the aging. If you are not up to standard, your physical age is higher than your actual age. You need to maintain your body and keep you happy.

  Sub-health conditioning method

  Fingers comb one minute

  Slightly open the palm of your hand and bend your fingers. Then comb through the forehead from the forehead to the back of the head and ensure that each part can be combed. In this way, the scalp can be effectively massaged so that the blood circulation of the scalp is accelerated and the growth of the hair is facilitated. In addition, by combing your hair you can also relieve stress and keep your brain clear.Zostavax Vaccine against herpes zoster is cost-effective in those.