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2018年6月 8日 (金)

5 symptoms of excessive humidity

  Performance 1: Apathetic

  Chest tightness, feeling limbs or body heavy or even full body ache; body particularly tired, too lazy to move; activity when the joints are not flexible; have head drowsy, the brain is not cool; easy to sleepy, and even memory loss.

  Performance II: body fat

  People with heavy moisture may also have a significant increase in body weight in the short term, and they may show signs of puffiness or even problems such as lower limb edema.

  Performance three: dark face and sticky mouth

  When looking in the mirror, I noticed that my tongue was thick and greasy; tongue was fat, or there were obvious teeth marks on the edges of the tongue; in the morning, the eyelids were swollen, or there was an under-eye bag.

  What is the performance of excessive humidity?

  Performance 4: Loss of appetite

  When I arrived at the meal, I didn't want to eat anything. When I had to eat a bit of stomach, I started to flatulence. I even felt nauseous when I was eating. This is also a sign of heavy moisture.

  Performance 5: Stool

  The stool is basically shaped but soft. After the stool, there will always be some sticking on the toilet and it will be difficult to wash it down. It will always feel that the stool is not exhausted.

  What are the foods that are damp?

  Red beans

  "Ben Cao Zai Xin" records that red beans have the effect of "diverting the water and passing through". In addition, red-beans, such as dehumidified foods, have the effect of strengthening spleen, clearing away heat and reducing swelling, and suffering from edema, beriberi, and diarrhea. People with unfavorable urination can eat red beans.