2017年3月 7日 (火)

Give him starlight

It was late at night when Jiang came back nuskin hk.
The big living room only had a floor lamp beside the sofa, the dim light at night seems surprisingly warm. In spring and summer in the sofa to read a magazine, page two brightly coloured hand still to be really big, is next to the eye-catching title, the budding actor actress love on a false thing becomes true cooperation.
This page is not over, he heard the sound of the porch came to open the door.
"Why did you come back so early? Did you have fun?" Jane stared at the book in spring and summer, and asked not to raise her head. A long time did not hear the answer, only a shadow, suddenly fell on her.
Jian Chunxia raised his head, two people in the line of sight collision, or very unpromising breath.
He had a good face, nose and thin lips, eyes especially good-looking, dark pupil, fundus quiet light, buried in the long lashes, look like without emotion, but more focused.
"You......" Too close, she could smell the wine on his body, "you drink?"
He always self-discipline, do not smoke, even if it is in the circle of the party, will take the juice. But tonight is special. It's his birthday party. The agent had asked her what she meant, and she refused to have a few friends to celebrate, but now it looks like he's not happy at all
"Uncomfortable?" She put down the book and began to rise......" Hangover medicine.
Without saying a word in a kiss nuskin hk.
He leaned over to kiss her, hot body will be an easy job to do her trapped in the bosom, the body soft sofa no force, her tiny side head, hot lips paused, spread to the neck, he lived with her cold soft earlobe, hot lips that she couldn't help but.
"You are too much." The deep voice is ringing in the ear, he raises head, the vision light passes through the magazine in her hand, just still stay in just looking at that page.
Jian Chunxia felt a little guilty, said: "just hype, hype."
"What's going on tonight?" Warm clothes into large palm along Home Furnishing, stroking the waist side sensitive, "and how did she find out where I am?"
When the scandal object into the box he would know who is out of the ghost, in spring and summer too obvious, not only oneself have an excuse not to, even the brokers are together hold, is to help him with another woman.
Thought of here, his eyes dim.
She is ticklish, dodge in his hands, did not forget to persuade him: "what's wrong with her, young and beautiful, people are smart, and you have a topic......"
"She's okay, it doesn't matter to me," he said, holding her up and walking towards the bedroom."
To the bed and Jane didn't know he was really angry, no matter how she ask for forgiveness, he did not let her meaning, stubborn terrible, in the end, he finally stopped, she sweating out in his arms, have my fingers are not going to move.
He was kissing her, gently kiss warmth was not, she tired eyelids straight fight, push him almost got. He whispered in her ear:"...... My birthday today."
"I know." She buried her head into his chest, whispered, "Happy birthday, kid."
This is the river Muhan twenty-one year old birthday, the distance they met, it has been four years service apartment hong kong.

2016年12月29日 (木)

Please give me a love analgesic

Recently, many female friends have asked me how to get rid of love in the pain. Some of these pains are caused by boys, but more of the girls themselves. Sum up with the following aspects:

1, after a period of time in love, the boy is not as warm as before, the girl whom confused.

2, girls like a married man, through a period of contact, it is difficult to give up love, but they are not afraid of their true love.

3, the pain of different places of love. Because of the work of graduation, many college students work in different cities, the former romance can also maintain?

4, found his lover at the same time and a few girls in love, so very painful.

5, in love, the parents of girls and boys have a conflict, the girl caught in the middle very painful.

6, love for some time, the girl has been very emotional input, but suddenly found the boy's "fatal" shortcomings, the girl I do not know how to deal with their own love?

7, to find a boy of his favorite, has been in love for some time, but their parents do not agree, the girl is very sad.

8, because marriage needs to leave their parents, and therefore painful.

Perhaps the people over the pain that a piece of cake, but the WTO is not deep, the taste of love at first taste of women is very difficult to calmly face these. The following are some pain relief, hoping to reduce the pain of women in love.

First, there is no painful torture, people can not feel the sweet taste. Love is the same, only to defeat the love of the waves folded, lovers can understand how true love is hard to come by, will cherish each other's feelings. So in love during the painful thing is normal, need is to find a way to solve the problem, not in the problem of pain or even wandering.

2, love itself is a two-way selection process, as long as there is no time to get married, are likely to break up. So women in love when you have to break up at any time psychological preparation.

3, love is a gradual process, the two sides need to continue to understand and adapt to each other. Not too much into the early feelings, but not prematurely sexual behavior. A lot of girls because of premature sexual intercourse, in the discovery of the boy after a little unhappy will fall into pain. Always think they put a lot of the other side of their own and do not attach importance.

4, love itself is to discover each other's strengths rather than critical of each other's shortcomings. From contact with each other to love to love, is the process of mutual understanding. If you do not find each other's fatal shortcomings, generally do not be painful. People are always shortcomings. If you find a person what shortcomings are not, it is not your lover, it is God!

5, love is a matter of both men and women, parents can refer to the views, but the main determining factor is the emotional basis of love both sides. If the parents do not agree, do not need pain, the key is whether you love the boy, if love, you have the responsibility to do the ideological work of their parents, the pain can not solve any problems.

6, between lovers such as every day but not every other autumn, it is fully understandable. Close contact between lovers is also easy for both sides to understand each other, while the soul is close to each other. Off-site love can not say that without success, but off-site love for girls, especially older girls is dangerous. Because they can not together, on the one hand there is love of suffering, and now many elements of social temptation, the boy a great chance of change of heart, so would it not let the girls deserted the youth. Love people must come together, and now the community can find a job everywhere, a true love of the boy will definitely go to his beloved girl's side, and vice versa.

7, girls and married men fall in love is the most stupid thing. Not to mention the love of another woman caused by injury, that is, after love, the girl is injured. There is no prospect of love without affection and equal status, and it is full of pain. Married man is the biggest trap for girls love, do not sacrifice the body, lost the feelings, a waste of youth.

2016年12月14日 (水)

In each other's heart


Red patchwork, Mo on the lonely alienation. Suddenly spin a curtain wind, provocative autumn facial features, disturbing the two leaves of dependency ... ...


Autumn fall in abundance, when the color monotonous only a fragrant condensate, you still love me as the beginning of the painting when the blooming? Unfinished song, not the top of the mountain, with regret, like a Incomplete melody. Story quietly ended, do not want to tangle the past, or even no memories.

Although the outcome is not perfect, but want to heart easy road. Goes on thin paper that affectionate like the sea, perhaps the word is too heavy, heavy to the can not be sent. Love day, sunrise and sunset feel beautiful. Parting of that moment, feel the autumn wind in trembling, perhaps I am too easily sad it. At this moment in the clouds through the memory, as long as you can see a pair of eyes looked up. Love, dawn, and let me say to you: good night ... ...

No courage to gamble again, can not sew the story of the outcome, I choose to stand side by side with you. An inch of distance, never close, never alienated. You red into the Prajna, has been listening to wind and rain. I am weak and withered, no sunset. This is accompanied by four eyes relatively silent, in fact, still in the fall, but anxious mind. Dong Han Zha Xian, the situation has long gone, even the memories are less gentle. Temperature and low a point, in fact, want to leave you in the lips 45 ° warm, for the rest of your life to do the most dream of immortal.

Listening to the old melody, that genre is still the heart has been safe as ink. No longer boiling, a piece of cold, at the moment everything is still. Not even missing the shadow, empty, like the barren city. If the heart clean, Wannian Jiexiao. Yanzi has gone, just like this late autumn night silent. Do not want to carve text, let it show the face of the most pure bar. Naked pens, franklin marshall, frankly empty heart. Nothing to do, that is, these four words, really did not ask.

Tonight no wind, the moon also hid from the whereabouts. Static, really very quiet, you can hear your heartbeat. I do not know how long the grinding ink, the pen will Smart. Or will suddenly think of you in the scene, not cold, not barefoot play computer. Out, remember to wear warmhotel jobs in singapore!

Perhaps that one exhort, is the heart of the most soft pain, this life can not forget that shadow. I do not know at the moment where you will not remember me. The one with half a heart locked you, who will be trained in your dream enjoin? Past the wind, such as clouds transit, suddenly spin. Catch the last ray of this autumn, the soul of the soul, the wind to take along to you. Can planted in the corner of the heart, five square position. So long thoughts into the spring rain, every drop is like your words.

In each other's heart was separated, perhaps the fate is so shallow. Has been afraid, afraid of your shadow will not see, suddenly a gust of wind, the thin moments were blown away. Like a pearl holding in the hands of a day to see live, who knows Bliss a grass, despite how I pray, or ashes to eliminate dust margin consumption. Cook a cup of tea color tea, in the full moon when the sub-drink alone, then to the lips tears hobbled online advertising.

After all, is fragile, do not cry pain may be tolerated with deeper pain, can not express the bitter, no tears cry the most helpless.

Thoughts are chaotic, pen down do not know what to write. One do so, after years of shore. People non-Yesterday, End of the World has forgotten the right close. Will be separated in each other's heart, perhaps this is the end of the period. Love is very serious, was the heart of the soul wet, like half a pot of tobacco sand, can never fill. The most beautiful landscape of the return of solitude, messy footsteps fall in the dark Naheqiao. To the road, I can not find, even if the back I want to escape the mood, the heart has long been gone. Go, how can I still landscape still, clear the night without disturbance rent apartment Hong Kong.

2016年12月 7日 (水)

The Red Ribbon of the Earth

There is such a ribbon

Its color is bright red in China

There is such a ribbon

It is very long and very long

Its length is twenty-five thousand miles

It is draped in the motherland, the glory of the chest ribbon

It is the Red Ribbon flying on the earth


Who will it weave

Is three hundred thousand Chinese heroes and sons and daughters

They measured the length of their feet with their sandals bounce house rental

They drew the cannon with both hands and knitted its latitude and longitude

Twenty-five thousand miles of blood dyed its color

A road rafting canyon blew his fresh luster

It is in the thousands of years on the snow-capped mountains fluttering fluttering

It is flying in the vast grasslands


This is a red ribbon

Embroidered with a heroic epic

This Psalm

Very long and very long

Its length is twenty-five thousand miles

Anti-Japanese north is its poem

The density of gunfire is its flat

The sonorous pace is its rhythm

High and forward is its melody

A field fierce battle is its drawing cuboid mini 80w mod

Gutting the fire is its pride

Difficult hardship is a great day of sharpening

A seat male-off highlight the true nature of a hero

A frame of high mountain side was heroes of ambition

Qiao crossing the Jinsha River

Fly wins Luding Bridge

Sidu Chishui unpredictable

Man Road Loushanguan such as iron

Long knife split La Zikou

Liupanshan top singing winds

Long towering long tied blue dragon

Sun-day shooting bow Sirius

Great Wall Tengyue mountains and rivers

Red practice in the sky Hongxia fly dermes

Red silk dance


Mopping up the demons Qing Shenzhou

Five thousand years Hanguo Huan youth

2016年12月 1日 (木)

Heart pain, who will know!

Heartache, because loved, because hurt. Because once had. When I look back, once we worth it? Some people say it is worth, because at least once had. But after the loss of possession, how painful ifco deco.

There may have been so a person said to you, "We will be good, we will be a lifetime of" Oh ... ... so maybe you have heard countless times. But in the end it is time and time again deceived, once the oath has long been forgotten, and we believe that the light also innocently. Think we are not too naive.

Real life, real people. Sometimes you will not feel every day in such a boring life does not make sense. We are often covered with fatigue, every day there may be so one thing in mind. Over time. Really tired. Tired of breath fully furnished.

Everyone should have a lot of desire. Want to cry when someone comforted, someone to accompany. When tired, some people rely on. But just this little bit of desire are not. Some can only be cold lonely lonely.

Sometimes really is often not wishful, God also love to tease people. Have to let you heartache after, will let you experience true love.

Heartache, I know how painful. Sad, just know how uncomfortable.

Pain and more uncomfortable, our pain can tell who can only when a person secretly hiding in the corner crying hong kong company registrar.

2016年11月 8日 (火)

The mother of the dead money

Japan's satirical star and director, Kitahara, recently won another international award for the film.

A few years ago his mother died, he returned to his hometown to mourning.

He has not like the mother, because she has been to the son of money, as long as he did not send money home a month, his mother called him shouted abuse, really called the death of money. And the North Wuyue famous, she asked for more money nuskin hk.

After returning home, he could not help crying.

Think he has been outside, did not properly support the mother, although the mother is dead money, he still felt ill-treated mother.

After finishing the funeral, Kitahara was about to leave the house when his brother to a small burden to him: This is my mother told me to give you.

Kitahara Wu carefully opened a small baggage, see a book and a letter, the deposit is opened in his name, the amount of deposits up to tens of millions of yen.

The mother wrote:

Wu children, among these children, I am most worried about is you.

You grew up do not like to study, but also spend money, too generous to friends.

When you say to go to Tokyo hard, I am very worried that you will become a abjection of the pauper.

So every month I send you money from home without interruption, on the one hand can stimulate you to make more money, on the other hand, in order to save for you.
You give me the money, I did not spend a hair, your big brother a me to get a good, your money is your money, and now take it to take advantage of it!

After reading the letter nuskin, Kitahara Wu cry down to the ground, stand up for a long time ...

Wang Yongqing once said a word:

You earn a dollar, not your one dollar; you save a dollar, is your one dollar, save it, it is possible to change your life.

Now the economic climate is getting worse, the world has entered the era of two low and one high low growth, low interest rates, high inflation; do not underestimate the money you spend readily: a cup of coffee, a pack of cigarettes, a dress.

If you have not save money around a friend, told him the story of the former Pak-wu, you may become the honored person in his life nu skin!

Create value –You Find Brand Building!

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2016年9月30日 (金)

There is a kind of give up behind...

There is a very ordinary high school, one day turn to a boy, tall and handsome, with a non mainstream dress, from whom he always reveal a noble temperament, wild and intractable Hong Kong Sightseeing. Of course, for this kind of ordinary high school, such a good boy will certainly hit the school. Sure enough, overnight, he became famous, every day to receive a love letter, gift, often girls "accidentally" hit is almost absent. The boy has not accepted any girls. Not that they are not good enough, but they do not have any feeling. Until one day, the boy saw a lovely girl, he clearly remembered the moment he saw the girl his heart beat fast. The boy knew he was in love with the girl, although the girl is not outstanding, but he only has the feeling to this girl.
There is a kind of give up behind... She was hurt, very hard to treat a boy, but the boy only when her toys, so she can't easily accept the feelings, she is afraid of hurt again, and the boy is so outstanding that the girl feel the boy must not true to her. Friends put these words wholly intact told the boy, the boy was hurt, that girl injured. The boy in the heart, he will certainly love the girl, don't let her suffer a little hurt. The second day, the boy told the world he love girl, this thing and a stir in the school Hong Kong travel tips. Every day the boy went to the girl, with her homework, help her Dafan, send her to the dormitory, rainy day to help him to open an umbrella, they get wet, he never called her name, always call her "little fool" because the boy said that "little fool" will be more cordial...... Gradually, the girl believed that the boy is really like her. One day at night, the girl went to the dormitory in the small woods, the boy once again to the girl said: "little fool, I like you, really like a good love, when my girlfriend, OK? For such a long time, do you really can not see that I really like you? I guarantee that I will not let you get hurt, I will take care of you all my life. Little fool, I will love you, believe me, OK?" The shy girl bowed his head: "well" the boy kissed girl, dim moonlight in the boy's face, handsome girl in a complete mess, tightly closed eyes. For a long time, two people became the envy of a school, the girl felt like Cinderella, finally found her prince, she had a good day happy happy.
But the girl found the boy in the good times don't last long, a few days of her more and more cold talk, rarely come to her, even telephone information is very few. The girl was in a panic, and she felt as if she was slipping away. Finally, the girl couldn't help but go to the boy's classroom to find him. The boy was asleep on the table when the girls go, girl is very angry, the boy would rather sleep is not willing to ignore her deskmate, see girl, pushed the boy, the boy looked up and saw the girl out of the classroom, lazy stood up from the seat to the front of the girl, she looked up and asked the boy: "husband, why do you ignore me ah? Don't you want me?" The boy cold eyes across a trace of sorrow, and then was immediately replaced by indifference, he looked down at the girl looked at the girl, said: "yes, so you don't come looking for me! We are over!" These words like a bolt from the blue, a girl suddenly makes tears immediately, and she pulled the breaching of the dike, the boy's hand; "husband, you lied to me right? You said you would care for my life, ah, you said you would not let me hurt, is not it?! You said I was your little fool, you will be a good little fool ah! How could you forget all this? Husband, you must be lying to me, right?" Boys don't face to see the girl, he closed his eyes, ruthlessly evade the girl's hand, big strength, so that the girl fell to the ground. He said to the girl: "I say is not clear enough?! I don't want you! Don't like you! Don't come back to me again!" Surrounded by people looking at the joke, we all of the boy's reaction was a jump. The girl was heartbroken, but her face up, looked at the boy and asked; "why?" The boy put his arm around next to a pretty girl's shoulder: "this is the reason" the beautiful girl could not think the boy would love her, she began to stare blankly, then back to God, deliberately to boy closer to him on Trip to Hong Kong & China. The girl looked at this scene, the pain can not breathe fast. She covers her chest, isn't she? Originally all is a lie, he also just play with me... In this way, why should I like a clown, so that all people joke? But how to do, my heart, good pain... The girl wiped her tears, quietly to the boy said: "I know, I will not bother you later" and then turned to leave. The boy did not see the girl turned around that moment, she cried so sad. Similarly, the girl did not see, she turned, the boy turned away after the boy a face of the beautiful girls back to the seat to go to sleep, no one saw the boy lying on the table at that moment, his eyes red. The boy can not help but, his heart is dying, even breathing has become tingling, he really do not want to hurt her, he gave her the commitment he has never forgotten,